Battlefield V - New Marita Map Introduction

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Get an early introduction to the new Marita map, coming to Battlefield V as a free update in July 2019.

Following the release of the Mercury map, the Battle of Greece will continue with Marita. Here, you’ll deploy on a sloping mountain ridge and within the tight streets of a rural town, where Allied forces are making a last stand to halt the Axis army.

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  • umair shah

    umair shah

    2 vjet më parë

    It's only for multi player?

  • justkiddin1980


    2 vjet më parë

    I have lost all faith in you as a company, you are clearly not capable of self reflection and tell the people what is wrong within your company.. It seems like you're in your ivory tower and lost all connection to the real world and people that play your games... GET AWAY FROM TWITTER IT WILL BE YOUR DOWNFALL! Why do people think it is okay to launch a game in this state?? I bought the DELUXE EDITION..better yet i pre-ordered it...That is one mistake i will never make again... I will not buy your next game...i will wait a couple of weeks to see if you are able to deliver a game that is not riddled with FORCED POLITICAL CORRECTNESS AND BUGS...If you dont know...the slogan is these days..GET WOKE GO BROKE...

  • Carmine Di Mambro

    Carmine Di Mambro

    2 vjet më parë


  • Delta mtb

    Delta mtb

    2 vjet më parë

    Shocking game sorry...👎🏼

  • Peťa Kolmi

    Peťa Kolmi

    2 vjet më parë

    EA and Battlefield, please . We want the same battlefield as 3 and 4. in 2019/2020.. Please EA give us such a battlefield. Please !!!!

  • Iron Spider
    Iron Spider5 muaj më parë

    ridiculous game

  • Renault FT Char
    Renault FT Char5 muaj më parë

    I've been to hell. It's the slope of the C flag.

  • Roman rat
    Roman rat7 muaj më parë

    Probably the prettiest map

  • Emilio Melendez 507
    Emilio Melendez 5078 muaj më parë

    That name is for a woman. (In Spanish)

  • Peace Warrior 7567
    Peace Warrior 7567Vit më parë

    This make me sad. I used to see this kind of trailer after school and I was so hyped for the future of Battlefield V, but know I can't anymore because Dice decided to leave the game.

  • Mark from the future

    Mark from the future

    5 muaj më parë

    Be happy, cause bf2042

  • juan camaney
    juan camaneyVit më parë

    Where is battlefield bad company 3,,,,Where is battlefield bad company 3,,,,Where is battlefield bad company 3,,,,Where is battlefield bad company 3?????????????????????????????????????????

  • coylec1980
    coylec1980Vit më parë

    looks like Brusilov Keep but without snow

  • AntonioLul
    AntonioLulVit më parë

    I remember that people used to Camp up on the roofs

  • Davi Santos
    Davi SantosVit më parë

    w3r fw43r3w r

  • Arnaldo Silva
    Arnaldo SilvaVit më parë

    w3 rw3r 3ra

  • Arnaldo Silva
    Arnaldo SilvaVit më parë

    w3r fw3w3r3w3

  • Helton Gabriel Ferreira
    Helton Gabriel FerreiraVit më parë

    w3r w43r

  • Helton Gabriel Ferreira
    Helton Gabriel FerreiraVit më parë

    w3r w3a rfwe43ar3 rw

  • Reviews e Depoimentos
    Reviews e DepoimentosVit më parë

    w3r w3r

  • Reviews e Depoimentos
    Reviews e DepoimentosVit më parë

    3wr w43rw 3

  • Jorge Wagner Da Fonseca
    Jorge Wagner Da FonsecaVit më parë

    w3r w3r 3raaw3

  • Jorge Wagner Da Fonseca
    Jorge Wagner Da FonsecaVit më parë

    w3r w3r w3rw3ar

  • Jorge Wagner Da Fonseca
    Jorge Wagner Da FonsecaVit më parë

    aw3rw3r w3arw

  • marquinho teixeira mattos
    marquinho teixeira mattosVit më parë

    e4 te4te 4t

  • marquinho teixeira mattos
    marquinho teixeira mattosVit më parë

    serges4tse4tse4 ts

  • Naiomi Kizuko
    Naiomi KizukoVit më parë

    e4 te4 te4

  • Naiomi Kizuko
    Naiomi KizukoVit më parë

    ert e4t e4st

  • MatUrBoi
    MatUrBoiVit më parë

    ah looking all these comments make me tear up. RIP BF V

  • Radical Larry
    Radical LarryVit më parë

    Every building is an L shape

  • dennardo
    dennardoVit më parë

    MOH Warfighter needs a come back... thx

  • strooper1103
    strooper1103Vit më parë

    Pls make it to where there is only four people on each team in custom games

  • Tanya Cheff
    Tanya CheffVit më parë

    EA electronic glorifies cheaters they don’t care about good players we get punish online constantly by bad players, bad sports. Just quit the game when you lose you will have the best statistic and the best prizes. EA sports logic’s 👏 F........

  • Alexander Fridman
    Alexander FridmanVit më parë

    Give us NHL on PC!

  • condromeda
    condromedaVit më parë

    im greek so this is lit fire

  • Arslan Postnik
    Arslan PostnikVit më parë

    ПАСКУДЫ!!! изза вас я не играю в ваш же батл рояль, почему? потому что убрали дуо!!! а с рандомными идиотами летящими в разные стороны пздц какой кайф играть!!! не поздравляю с наступающим, и желаю чтобы для вас вонючие меркантильные твари чтобы следующий год был ещё хуже!!!

  • Timelytyba 28
    Timelytyba 28Vit më parë

    For cristmas i want Bulgarian map

  • NULL
    NULL2 vjet më parë


  • Logan Scurlock
    Logan Scurlock2 vjet më parë

    Fix the forge on Anthem

  • Marvin_06 _29
    Marvin_06 _292 vjet më parë

    Man we want vehicles no infantry combat but we got it in pazifik

  • N. AZZH##N
    N. AZZH##N2 vjet më parë

    Is EA begging the fan money after 1 years later broke.. I remember wast men say "don't buy it"

  • doody roody
    doody roody2 vjet më parë

    Small map and best map in bfv after Rotterdam

  • Wafflez-Man-
    Wafflez-Man-2 vjet më parë

    Marita is a great map you guys have added. Infantry gameplay is what we always need!!! I know I’m late to comment because ive just been so glued playing BFV since launch. Marita actually made it to my personal top favorite maps till the pacific drops. Underground, Devestation , Rotterdam , Marita are the best and my Favorites. I like the other maps of course but nothing beats Infantry!!

  • fot ppd
    fot ppd2 vjet më parë

    you're in Hellenic soil now krauts! line up like the rest empires that have killed themselves here trying to take it!

  • rary27
    rary272 vjet më parë

    Bad video

  • 김정규
    김정규2 vjet më parë

    Cheater field V

  • Jules
    Jules2 vjet më parë

    Empire's edge remake looks nice

  • abu JoOD
    abu JoOD2 vjet më parë

    اسوء نسخة لباتلفيلد 👎👎👎

  • pocoSaiko
    pocoSaiko2 vjet më parë

    BATTLEFIELD MOBILE in coming Turut Turur 10.0 10.9.....

  • en b
    en b2 vjet më parë


  • Tazz
    Tazz2 vjet më parë

    New name for the DICE game series: Battlewomens.

  • Tazz
    Tazz2 vjet më parë

    New name for the DICE game series: Battlewomens.

  • Jaff King
    Jaff King2 vjet më parë

    We love playing battlefield but also we need for mobile too

  • Norbert Georgescu
    Norbert Georgescu2 vjet më parë


  • A-SRC Entertainment
    A-SRC Entertainment2 vjet më parë

    Is there a day, where I can just start the game, without freakin 35 GB Update? Wth is that???

  • Elven Febriana
    Elven Febriana2 vjet më parë

    So... when chapter 5 is coming?

  • Azerty_osyrys_ Lory
    Azerty_osyrys_ Lory2 vjet më parë

    Bonjour pourriez vous mettre le sherman sur BFV SVP

  • Ola k aze
    Ola k aze2 vjet më parë

    Se puede jugar battlefield 5 en ps3?

  • alip
    alip2 vjet më parë

    thinking to get this game , just want to know is the server ok?

  • Josh 737
    Josh 7372 vjet më parë


  • Mugly Punt
    Mugly Punt2 vjet më parë

    And no one cares

  • FemeFataL
    FemeFataL2 vjet më parë

    Battlefield 1 trailer "the shall not pass, news maps, soundtracks, weapons, wapons skins, new country France. In Battlefield v trailer "Marita", new map and .... new colors.

  • Rave Music Bass
    Rave Music Bass2 vjet më parë

    Hahahaha, Es EA esa gente no cambia, tienen demasiada avaricia últimamente solo han sacado mierda de juegos con full Micropagos. Lo que no se bugeo battlefield V fue de los skins de pago, que eso es más importante que cualquier otra cosa para ellos, puta mierda de juego!

  • Jiří Dvořák
    Jiří Dvořák2 vjet më parë

    Best BFV map

  • Hindenburg1911
    Hindenburg19112 vjet më parë

    super ne karte ... man kann nicht auf die burg und die map ist mit restricted areas nur so zerstückelt...... aber macht nur so weiter dann werden battlefield fans beim nächsten battlefield garnix mehr kaufen , eigentl müsstest ihr jemand vom dev team abstellen der im forum us und de mal liest was da geschrieben wird statt einfach weiter mit dem plan zu machen der nur in unnötige kosten bringt und keine glücklichen spieler.... setzt euch mit mir in verbindung wenn ihr nen battlefield haben wollt der umsatz bringt und der "die battlefield " spieler glücklich macht

  • Gcey77
    Gcey772 vjet më parë

    Return back your own dynamics. NOT PUBG. Colors, game engine, game modes.. BFV is not real BF.... BF3, BF4, BF1 are real BF.... PLEASE GIVE US OUR BF GAME... BFV ❌🚫⛔️

  • Kyle Mullin
    Kyle Mullin2 vjet më parë

    Worst map of them all. If you are on the English side you are guaranteed to win each and every time. The C capture point is the main bottle neck area. Axis has two capture points on they’re side of the choke and the allies have 3 making it an uphill battle for the axis. My suggestion is get rid of the D flag which would even out the map. Now if there were some tanks or planes it might even it out but as it stands it’s so one sided that the axis might as well just stay and defend they’re two capture points and wait until the end of the game.

  • The House of Bread and Steak
    The House of Bread and Steak2 vjet më parë

    _How ‘bout some_ *D Day* _Huh_

  • balls shart
    balls shart2 vjet më parë

    Your game still trash

  • Hello.
    Hello.2 vjet më parë

    So if battlefield 4 was an updated version of battlefield 3 then.... when are we getting the new updated version of battlefield 4? That's what I want... dose anyone agree?

    BATHOVEN2 vjet më parë

    Let's shine

  • GhostCap
    GhostCap2 vjet më parë

    wow no Woke Island?

  • Shadow Heart
    Shadow Heart2 vjet më parë

    A year later and still no fix for some of the trophy glitches...

  • Bolt Owl
    Bolt Owl2 vjet më parë


  • Joe Noble
    Joe Noble2 vjet më parë

    Please fix this game!!! I'm battlefield hardcore fan!!! I can't believe I'm saying it but very much considering call of duty modern warfare and shelving your game, it's horribly frustrating to play I could video so many examples of bullets with clear hit never registering. Dice you are one of those very respected game studios, with a committed fan base that is tired of being walked on....Al Sudan....squad conquest only I'm sorry but if you put out a map that doesn't support full conquest guess what it isn't a battlefield map! I will not be purchasing your next release if things aren't fixed in this, we need more maps, we need longer specialization trees for guns, it definitely needs a lot of work I shouldn't be sniping and getting killed by an assault class from 150m before I can get 2 shots the past no matter what class you used you had a chance against any other class if you played your cards right and had accuracy an intuition.

  • CHENTroll 936
    CHENTroll 9362 vjet më parë

    Ecxellent but do something with hackers and bugs

  • Dr. GreenThumb
    Dr. GreenThumb2 vjet më parë

    Please bring back a next gen remaster of bad company 2 or BF 3 .....ive been following this franchise since day 1 and I’ve had the honor of seeing it evolve ....with that being said... wtf happened to you guys ? BF 4 awesome!!! BF1 than BFV is nothing like 4 or 3 or 2 ......its night & day....i played the COD modern warfare alpha and i must say these COD mfr’s are not playing around pricks need to smarten up....Dice / EA making it very hard not to jump ship!!

  • Patrick Kohn
    Patrick Kohn2 vjet më parë

    More maps and content!!!!!!

  • licenciado Games
    licenciado Games2 vjet më parë

    plis more maps free and content

  • Marcin B.
    Marcin B.2 vjet më parë

    so what's nice graphics like a lifeless game

  • Blitzkrieg 2020
    Blitzkrieg 20202 vjet më parë


  • TFNX12


    2 vjet më parë

    Djonga they cant even add current vehicles to practice range, what makes you think they can add a new vehicle?

  • SAJAD__ R.B.X
    SAJAD__ R.B.X2 vjet më parë

    Mony Mony Mony mony

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez2 vjet më parë

    This isn’t Modern Warfare

  • Letupita124HD
    Letupita124HD2 vjet më parë

    Hey you guys should make new battlefield soon like future or modern like this one but more beautiful and wow that can be a wow

  • wild man
    wild man2 vjet më parë

    Disappointed with the game. Not the gameplay of narrative but the bugs that seem to still plague it. Can't fetch report, random crashing in the middle of a match, not getting rewards for something you've clearly completed. This is why I don't buy EA games at full price. Most of time I buy them at pawn shops because that's all EA is worth right now l

  • commanderK admiralkrunch
    commanderK admiralkrunch2 vjet më parë

    Can we start a class action law suit against EA/Dice for not trying to fix the hacking problem? We should all be allowed to get our money back due to loss of faith!!

  • Jonno
    Jonno2 vjet më parë

    Battlefield needs a breath of fresh air. A new wacky take on Battlefield like how they switched it up in the past with 2142 and 1943. I propose they go with toy warfare. Take everything all the mechanics, graphical enhancements, destruction physics, lighting, smoke, particle effects, RTX, everything and shrink it all down to toy scale. Imagine the creative fun you could have with a game like that. It's been all doom and gloom for waay too long. And CoD is going all realistic, so surely the only way to get back at CoD being more Battlefield is to go in the complete opposite direction and bring something out of left wing that no one sees coming. Be LESS Battlefield. Then we don't end up with 2 try hard franchises boring us with how realistic and hardcore they can be.

  • بدر عبد اللطيف
    بدر عبد اللطيف2 vjet më parë

    والله حلوه وزين 👍

  • CH
    CH2 vjet më parë

    It is very difficult to find available server for the MARITA NA XBOX BR Map.

  • Dennis
    Dennis2 vjet më parë

    If DICE wanted to tell the untold stories of WWII, why don't we get some maps in China? For some reason that's virgin territory in WWII games.

  • Lemur Steaks
    Lemur Steaks2 vjet më parë

    Hey, can you stop giving us crappy oversized maps and give us the rest of the countries and guns, you know, seeing as how it’s a WORLD WAR. 🌎🌎 not just a clever name. Also, stop the weird mad max special characters

  • drgonzo0221
    drgonzo02212 vjet më parë

    what a shame

  • عراقي
    عراقي2 vjet më parë

    Do you know what will sound great Battlfield war on ISIS....

  • chillin3333
    chillin33332 vjet më parë

    This game has more bugs and annoyances than any other game I’ve played EVER

  • 10000 subs for My cat
    10000 subs for My cat2 vjet më parë

    Battlefield please can the next battlefield Vietnam themed please😀

  • SchPeti
    SchPeti2 vjet më parë

    Remove fe ale charachters from the Germans and change the German flag to be historical please! Its just a shooter game not a WW2 Game!

  • Sztuka
    Sztuka2 vjet më parë

    i wait for new cod modern warfare if I had to play battlefield now it would be the BF3 or BF4

  • JadynEscobar911
    JadynEscobar9112 vjet më parë

    What’s people think the Area 51 raid will be like

  • gum ball
    gum ball2 vjet më parë

    one mistake in that map if you are playing it you will die it really a battlefield map realistic nature

  • no name
    no name2 vjet më parë

    Every one can like this map but i don't like this map

  • Reece Lovett
    Reece Lovett2 vjet më parë

    Love or hate the game. The map designs are always simply stunning.

  • no name

    no name

    2 vjet më parë

    It loons visually good but plays miserable

  • Sovaultキッズ
    Sovaultキッズ2 vjet më parë

    diceは平坦なマップの作り方とggシステムを忘れたのか? 頑張れBF、頑張れDICE

  • Yazeed
    Yazeed2 vjet më parë

    where Stalingrad

  • wissam9797
    wissam97972 vjet më parë

    So many bush's in the map incorjing camping.

  • wissam9797


    2 vjet më parë

    @no name in one life i killed 12 when i was use boyz at trash in bush. playing the objactiv killed by camper mmg,boyz & enamy can't see.

  • no name

    no name

    2 vjet më parë

    I think the camper aren't the biggest Problem its inefective in this map i get every time sniper across the map or attacked from behind that is less gun than get killed by a camper

  • Lion of Truth
    Lion of Truth2 vjet më parë

    You gotta give Dice credit. They keep pushing and are making this game incredible. For Free. ❤️👍🦁

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