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Battlefield V - Operation Underground Map Trailer

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  • Battlefield
    Battlefield2 vjet më parë

    Watch the new 'War in the Pacific' trailer on October 23:

  • totte100


    5 muaj më parë

    Mycket bättre

  • 720YK7S___


    6 muaj më parë

    Todo lindo pero en multijugador todos campean

  • Alexandra Reyes Osorio

    Alexandra Reyes Osorio

    6 muaj më parë

    Dice can we talk swedish

  • Alexandra Reyes Osorio

    Alexandra Reyes Osorio

    6 muaj më parë

    In know at Dice Come from sweden

  • someone that u know

    someone that u know

    Vit më parë


  • Christian Lanach
    Christian Lanach4 orë më parë

    the best map of Battlefield V

  • lafazan00
    lafazan00Ditë më parë

    12.01.2021 and I'm seeing this trailer for the first time.

  • JFY GT26
    JFY GT267 ditë më parë

    Hope this bring this legendary map back to BF2042 Portal!

  • XjhX 1738
    XjhX 1738Muaj më parë

    How did this dude “Angel” time travel from WW2 to 2042?

  • Augusto César
    Augusto CésarMuaj më parë

    Average Shotgun's Enjoyer goes crazy after watching this trailer.

  • Augusto César
    Augusto CésarMuaj më parë

    BF1 and BFV has more Recoil than BF2042😂 is BF2042 a joke?🤔

  • DElmer
    DElmerMuaj më parë

    if only the game actually played like this what a shame

  • Gato Científico
    Gato CientíficoMuaj më parë

    Я и моя ипотека!

  • Jesse
    JesseMuaj më parë

    this is BF3's operation metro right?

  • LV LC
    LV LCMuaj më parë

    They go in the underground like cockroaches.

  • Tsunami Papi
    Tsunami Papi2 muaj më parë

    This is the worst map of the game

  • Stinky
    Stinky3 muaj më parë

    How it feel to playing nerf war with your friends and cousin 0:47

  • Gabriel Rodrigues
    Gabriel Rodrigues3 muaj më parë

    Who else thinks of metro 2033 from this

  • Pier Sam
    Pier Sam4 muaj më parë

    Such a great map, hope they remake it for 2042.

  • Ninety Nine Balloons
    Ninety Nine Balloons4 muaj më parë

    Imagine this in tarkov

  • TheDrill85
    TheDrill854 muaj më parë

    only drop fps no problem

  • Iron Spider
    Iron Spider5 muaj më parë

    ridiculous game

  • Vad Pvn
    Vad Pvn5 muaj më parë

    хуже карты для Батлы нет

  • Vinod Ramachandran
    Vinod Ramachandran5 muaj më parë

    I love battlefield v very much I also play this in my ps5

  • totte100
    totte1005 muaj më parë

    Åldersskitet att verifiera är här ett skämt att skriva in nummer eller ta bild på sitt pass m m och sen kan ta upp till 3 dagar . Det är bara så idiotiskt, man själv är 33 år men fan inte ta bild på sitt pass eller kort så korkad är jag inte....... TUR att andra har lagt upp likadana klipp :) så detta är bara skitgrej ni gjort, ville bara informera min åsikt och tankar att NI får bättra er med det ni gör. ännu en gång TUR att andra lagt upp likadana klipp. Hej då- p.s Tänk efter!

  • dinho Barr
    dinho Barr6 muaj më parë

    0:55 I came out in the trailer I'm the one who's drowned

  • Stinky


    3 muaj më parë


  • Unlondon Bobby
    Unlondon Bobby6 muaj më parë

    0:24 DC Metro be like

  • Orange
    Orange7 muaj më parë

    Other than the unrealistic uniforms, this is lit

  • TurbulanceMusic
    TurbulanceMusic7 muaj më parë

    Worst map in the game

  • Ninety Nine Balloons

    Ninety Nine Balloons

    4 muaj më parë

    Yea it’s very hard to flank and there should of been 4 flags

  • Frank Conrad
    Frank Conrad7 muaj më parë

    *almost makes me want to go back in........... but im still occupied with BF1 so...... nother time...*

    ШЛЁПА ПЕТРОВ7 muaj më parë

    Toilet in the school: 0:47

  • Marquito89
    Marquito897 muaj më parë

    I wish the mal was as good as its trailer

  • Roman rat
    Roman rat7 muaj më parë

    Girls in the subway: ew is that a rat?? Gross! Boys in the subway: 0:47

  • Jotah*Flick
    Jotah*Flick8 muaj më parë

    Yo y los cabros yendo de nuevo a conquistar el metro de santiago:

  • shisposter cualquiera

    shisposter cualquiera

    8 muaj më parë

    Te entiendo

  • DeltaFox
    DeltaFox8 muaj më parë

    I always love a good meat grinder.

  • Ninety Nine Balloons

    Ninety Nine Balloons

    4 muaj më parë

    20 deaths 1 kill

    APTERŸX8 muaj më parë

    Just saying, this skin (0:18) never got put into the game. Only DICE would show off cosmetics and then proceed to never put them in the game.

  • nwenler
    nwenler9 muaj më parë


  • Diyar J
    Diyar J9 muaj më parë

    Reminds of of BF4's operation locker a bit

  • Garrett Wilson
    Garrett Wilson9 muaj më parë

    0:18 flashbacks of bf3

  • Dylan Creighton
    Dylan Creighton9 muaj më parë

    I know this map it form battlefield 3 operation underground

  • brhjgjtjfhjofhjfthttjthhtujuj
    brhjgjtjfhjofhjfthttjthhtujuj9 muaj më parë

    Easily 2nd best map in bf5

  • N8V_ Sonz
    N8V_ Sonz10 muaj më parë

    Operation Metro 1945

  • Wajjjeeaa
    Wajjjeeaa10 muaj më parë

    If I had a say before it was launched in BFV, No live service - themed DLC maps like in BF1 about a different part of the war.. DLC 1: *End of the Beginning* Arras, Narvik, Dunkirk, El Alamein, Tobruk, DLC 2: *Not One Step Back* The Soviets are introduced to the game. Battles of Dubno, Kursk, Moscow and Stalingrad among others. DLC 3: *Red Sun Rising* The USA and Japan are added. Maps like Tenaru River, Cape Gloucester, Manilla City and Saipan. The British faction fight the Japanese on certain maps like Seige of Singapore, Burma.. DLC 4: *Wacht an der Rhine* The Americans and Germans face off Western Europe, 1944. Iconic battles like Omaha Beach, the bulge... etc etc. Anyway a man can dream.

  • Mr Guggenheim
    Mr Guggenheim10 muaj më parë

    1:17 I love how he screams ATTACK!!!

  • F. J . S
    F. J . S10 muaj më parë

    Only the british would scream louzy dogs while being killed

  • Dre Myo
    Dre Myo10 muaj më parë

    0:46 Yep that is definitely Operation Metro/Underground

  • PF Creeper
    PF Creeper11 muaj më parë

    BF 5 trailers: Realistic loadouts BF 5 when I play: German with a M1 Garand

  • Hei Hei
    Hei Hei11 muaj më parë

    They summarized the absolute mess on this map pretty nice

  • CHEETS 39
    CHEETS 3911 muaj më parë

    1:19 The year is 2021 and one of the wastelander groups hold the last standing Walmart

  • ITheLlama Mans
    ITheLlama MansVit më parë

    The thing I don’t like about this trailer is no soldier in history could have had that high of a kill count in one battle. There is no way that one soldier could have made it through that hellhole with so many kills

  • Josh Dinh

    Josh Dinh

    10 muaj më parë

    But in battlefield you can

  • Klawdo TheKlown
    Klawdo TheKlownVit më parë

    @0:47 Take that but make it D-Day

  • hksolo
    hksoloVit më parë

    0:17 my bf3 metro flashbacks

  • President_Salsa
    President_SalsaVit më parë

    When I saw this trailer I had Fort de Vaux flashbacks

  • Fedya Kolodezny
    Fedya KolodeznyVit më parë

    The best map ever

  • MemeMaster
    MemeMasterVit më parë

    Anyone else notice that at 1:01 after he has come out of the water. He has the 20 round mag, but afterwards when he shoots a bunch of people he has the 50 round mag in the small cutscene

  • Hitmanmask1
    Hitmanmask1Vit më parë

    It was not underground after all

  • Quint Cassee
    Quint CasseeVit më parë

    welcome back operation metro

  • Daddy Dongle
    Daddy DongleVit më parë

    1:01 when the quiet kid gets mad

  • coylec1980
    coylec1980Vit më parë

    I loved Operation Metro. This map looks so cool

  • AntonioLul
    AntonioLulVit më parë

    I love this Map, me and the squad camp used to out up in the stairs-

  • TopExoticCars
    TopExoticCarsVit më parë

    0:45 "That camera man was brave enough."

  • The Daagoo
    The DaagooVit më parë

    Seems like close quarter maps are the most popular across all Battlefield games no one likes it when a vehicle goes 70-0.

  • Sayak roy-choudhury
    Sayak roy-choudhuryVit më parë

    No MG 42 in the trailer 🧐

  • TasiGaming
    TasiGamingVit më parë

    Anybody got Call of duty world at war vibez? Just me? *Okay*

  • Andreas
    AndreasVit më parë

    why the germans have grey uniforms again..... the regular german uniform was fieldgrey which is green...

  • Lemon_Man2007


    Vit më parë

    Kael 90 because this game was created by ea

  • Valmir Bertolino de Almeida
    Valmir Bertolino de AlmeidaVit më parë

    w3r wa33

  • Valmir Bertolino de Almeida
    Valmir Bertolino de AlmeidaVit më parë

    aawerfwar 3w3r

  • Arnaldo Silva
    Arnaldo SilvaVit më parë

    3wr w43rw3 rw3r

  • Arnaldo Silva
    Arnaldo SilvaVit më parë

    w3r 43wraw34r a3a3

  • Arnaldo Silva
    Arnaldo SilvaVit më parë

    w3r w3r w43r3

  • Carlos Pioli jogos
    Carlos Pioli jogosVit më parë

    Hackfield. Where you report and the cheaters are playing always. :(

  • Helton Gabriel Ferreira
    Helton Gabriel FerreiraVit më parë

    3wr w43r w3rw3 ra

  • Helton Gabriel Ferreira
    Helton Gabriel FerreiraVit më parë

    w3 rfwa3aafw43raa3wr aw3r

  • Nivaldo Soares
    Nivaldo SoaresVit më parë

    3wr 3war a3

  • Nivaldo Soares
    Nivaldo SoaresVit më parë

    w3 r3war wr

  • Nivaldo Soares
    Nivaldo SoaresVit më parë

    aaw3r 3wa r3

  • Nivaldo Soares
    Nivaldo SoaresVit më parë

    w3r 3wrwa3 r3aw

  • Nivaldo Soares
    Nivaldo SoaresVit më parë

    w3r 3wr3w raw3r

  • Nivaldo Soares
    Nivaldo SoaresVit më parë

    aaw3r 33

  • Roberto Lotofacil
    Roberto LotofacilVit më parë

    3wr w3ar

  • Roberto Lotofacil
    Roberto LotofacilVit më parë

    3wr w3r w3

  • Roberto Lotofacil
    Roberto LotofacilVit më parë

    wa3r3wr 3wr wa

  • Jorge Wagner Da Fonseca
    Jorge Wagner Da FonsecaVit më parë

    4et e45te s4tse4

  • Jorge Wagner Da Fonseca
    Jorge Wagner Da FonsecaVit më parë

    4et 5rete45t e4 tes

  • Jorge Wagner Da Fonseca
    Jorge Wagner Da FonsecaVit më parë

    sregs4t 4set4est4es t

  • AlfariziNW
    AlfariziNWVit më parë

    GO GO

  • Carlos Vinicius de Carvalho
    Carlos Vinicius de CarvalhoVit më parë

    wa3r wa

  • Carlos Vinicius de Carvalho
    Carlos Vinicius de CarvalhoVit më parë

    w3r w3a raa

  • Carlos Vinicius de Carvalho
    Carlos Vinicius de CarvalhoVit më parë

    awefwar34f w3rw

  • Sniping Machines
    Sniping MachinesVit më parë

    Keep the content coming 👀

  • DIRECTV GO :"3
    DIRECTV GO :"3Vit më parë

    Se que nos le va a servir pero lo unico que se que el autor de la cancion es 2WEI pero ya el nombre no me lose pero si ustedes llegan encontrat la musica me pueden poner el nombre en los comentarios

  • Wolf 4488
    Wolf 4488Vit më parë

    They removed swazi from bf5, wtf?

  • Panzerfaust Producciones
    Panzerfaust ProduccionesVit më parë

    Best BFV trailer

  • That Heinrich Guy
    That Heinrich GuyVit më parë

    It was a good trailer until that laugh

  • PS5 Kryptonian
    PS5 KryptonianVit më parë

    Please give us Battlefield 3 Remastered !! You can keep the rest !!

  • Эрнст Тельман
    Эрнст ТельманVit më parë

    Советские войска штурмовали метро ,а не вы !

    KING REAPER1048Vit më parë

    0:15 me:when i hear some foot step FBI:FBI OPEN UP

  • bepis boy
    bepis boyVit më parë

    Why do the British in this game look like Mad Max extras

  • You Been Plagued
    You Been PlaguedVit më parë

    Italy vs soviets or Australia

  • Puzo Tv
    Puzo TvVit më parë

    Что я могу сказать, вы - обманщики и бездельники и это легко сказано. Мы заплатили деньги, а вы заведомо выпустили недоделанную работу с кучей проблем. Большая часть этих проблем так и не была решена. Вы взялись за батл ройял и бросили его в самом начале. Вы наконец-то добавили Тихий Океан, но почти не дали контента, и когда все ждали, что вы добавите восточный фронт, а потом и западный, вы просто забросили игру, даже не спросив об этом нас, потребителей. Это хамство и наглость с вашей стороны. КАК МОЖНО СДЕЛАТЬ ИГРУ О ВТОРОЙ МИРОВОЙ БЕЗ ВОСТОЧНОГО И ЗАПАДНОГО ФРОНТОВ???? ВЫ ОСОЗНАЁТЕ ВЕСЬ БРЕД, КОТОРЫЙ ТВОРИТСЯ В ГОЛОВАХ ВАШИХ НАЧАЛЬНИКОВ???? Вы бросили проект, даже не выполнив половины!!! Это как называется вообще??? Кто у вас там решения принимает??? Изначально в трейлере показать какое-то полубудущее в стиле второй мировой, отменить это, почти не давать контента, периодически менять основу игры, как те решения с ттк. Вы просто не прислушивайтесь ни к кому из вашей аудитории, вам плевать на всех игроков. Вы просто не использовали огромнейший потенциал батлфилда 5. Сомневаюсь, что у вас что-нибудь получится с таким менеджментом. Батла мертва, к сожалению

  • Lukas
    LukasVit më parë

    It should look like this after release game

  • yes bruv
    yes bruvVit më parë

    Much better than Misaki Yamashiro.

  • Minecraft Öğretmenim
    Minecraft ÖğretmenimVit më parë

    we want 8k jfdjfjjfjfjfjfj(for brazilians kkkkkkkkkk)

    ROBERTO!!Vit më parë


  • IronWolf No Commentary

    IronWolf No Commentary

    Vit më parë

    Operation i think you mean battle of Kursk which was in operation Barborosa 😂😂